Requesta FAQs


Q. Do I need a TFN or an ABN to register as a Requesta Service Provider?

A.  Yes. You must have both. If you don’t have a TFN,  Click here to apply for TFN Number

If you don’t have an ABN, Click here to apply for an ABN Number Once you have these you are ready to register as a Service Provider.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. This is entirely up to you. The App provides for secure payments via the Stripe payment gateway. To receive payments from Stripe you must have set up a FULL Stripe account. This will allow customers to securely enter their credit card details and the payment amount into the Requesta App on your smart phone, this option is available once you have generated an invoice though the App upon completion of the job. If you prefer to make your own arrangements direct with the customer such as a cash payment or 7 days terms you also have that freedom and flexibility.

Q. Do I need to quote including GST?

A. If a customer is quoted a price with no mention of GST, then it is deemed to include GST. When using Create Invoice within Requesta, line item pricing is entered excluding GST as GST is added automatically when the invoice is totalled, if you are GST registered. If you are not GST registered, you must not charge GST.

Q. GST appears on my invoices but I’m not GST registered. What I do?

A. GST will be automatically included on your invoices if you have checked the Check Box for being GST registered, located in the My Account section of your Dashboard. If GST is included in your invoices but shouldn’t be you need to uncheck this Check Box.

Q. What if I don’t want to take bookings on a given day?

A. The days and hours you work are up to you. You simply have to either mark appointment hours as unavailable or go and click Offline in Registered Services of your Dashboard, if you have more than one service registered you will need to click Offline for each service if you don’t want to receive bookings for a period. Please note when you are offline you can’t receive a booking for any day, so this option is more suitable for when you are unavailable for more than a couple of days, like when on holiday. Remember that you will need to click Online for each service when you are ready to receive bookings again.

Q. What if I forget or miss a job?

A. Make a new appointment as soon as you can and explain the reason. The customer will either accept the new time or cancel the job.

Q. What if I am sick, late, unable to make an appointment?

A. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Let the customer know by sending a Time Change notification. They can then elect to accept the new appointment time or cancel the booking. If you fail to notify of your predicament you will most surely not receive future jobs from that customer or anyone else that they express their displeasure to. People understand that things happen but not communicating a change in circumstance is less likely to be forgiven.

Q. Where do I find my current jobs listed?

A. In the menu list on the left of your Dashboard under My Jobs. This is where you will find 3 categories of jobs: 1. Unconfirmed: Jobs that you are yet to Accept or Decline that are older than 48 hours. 2. Appointments: Jobs that you have accepted, yet to start. 3. In-Progress: Jobs that you have started yet to complete.  Do not leave a Booking hanging for an Accept or Decline. It is poor customer service. Pending Jobs Alerts should be responded to in under an hour.  If you miss a job alert you will receive an Alert Notification at 5pm that day and if required another at 9am the next morning. These should prompt an immediate call to action. The details of Pending Jobs are found in Pending Job Alerts on your Dashboard. You should diligently maintain this section.    

Q. Why do I need to purchase credits?

A. You must have Credits in your account for your Ad-profile to be visible and therefore able to accept bookings from clients. A credit is cashed in as payment for a job booking when a job has been accepted. The Requesta advertising model means that advertisers only pay for advertising that produces actual jobs. Yes, you get exposure, brand awareness, image building but you don’t pay a cent for it. You only pay for real tangible results.

Q. Why should I take a selfie?

A. Users want to see who they are dealing with. It helps them to make gut assessments as to whether they feel you will be competent, approachable and trustworthy. It also displays an openness about you. If you don’t display an image of yourself, you will get less work than those you do. Just as importantly customer are able to identify you on arrival from your selfie image.

Q. Can I remove a low star rating?

A. No. The first 5 Star Ratings are displayed by default so 5 good ratings will relegate a poor rating into the View More section. Star Ratings provide a genuine level of satisfaction with the performance of a Service Provider. Good Star Ratings add weight to a Service Provider’s commercial credibility. Low Star Ratings are a sure indication that a Service Provider needs to do better. If you feel that a review is not genuine and possibly malicious then you should go to the Contact Us page and email your concern which will be reviewed.

Q. What if I change my email address?

A. You will need to register again under the new email address. Contact with Requesta via the Contact Us page to arrange a transfer of any credits to your new account. 

Q. What if I change my ABN?

A. You will need register again with your new ABN. Contact Requesta via the Contact Us page to arrange a transfer of any credits to your new account. 

Q. What if I change my Bank account number or Debit Card number?

A. Changes to bank account details or debit card details are managed through your Stripe account. Login to your Stripe account to change or update your bank account or debit card details.

Q. What if there is a dispute with a customer?

A. Civil disputes between Customers and Service Providers are a matter for those two party’s only. Requesta does not get involved in disputes between Service Providers and Customers. That would be like asking a newspaper to get involved because they ran an advertisement.

Q. Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

A. Highly recommended however this is a decision for you. Requesta is an web based tool that promotes yourself and your business. All responsibility regarding how you operate, and structure is entirely your domain.

Click here to register as a Owner Operator


Q. Can the Administrator take bookings?

A. No. Administrators can’t take bookings in their Administrator profile however they are able to register themselves separately with an employee profile. This allows them to operate with two profiles, one as an employee and one as an Administrator. To achieve this requires having a different employee email address to that of the Administrator email address. Only the employee profile can accept bookings.

Q. Can companies use Requesta?

A. Yes. Requesta has a Company Registration which differs from Owner Operator. Registering as a Company allows the registering of multiple employees under a single Company account. Credits and Profiles are managed by a company Administrator. Select Company when registering as a Service Provider. Owner Operator is highlighted by default when registering so be sure to click on Company at the beginning of the registration process. Complete the Administrator profile then the Administrator can register the employees under the appropriate Services. Administrators have full control over employee accounts. Note that the first employee is registered during initial set up thereafter extra employees are registered via the Dashboard.

Q. What can the Administrator do?

A. The Administrator creates and manages employee accounts, purchases credits and can run all reports. They can edit an employee’s Profile and account, add Services and delete employee accounts. What they cannot do is accept Job Bookings, only employee accounts can accept Job Bookings. 

Q. How do I Activate or Deactivate Employee accounts?

A. This is done through the Dashboard under Add / View Employees. As soon as the company account has been activated by Requesta, you can activate your employee.

Q. How long will it take for Requesta to Activate an account?

A. Requesta will endeavour to activate accounts by the next business day. If you are waiting longer than one business day, please notify Requesta via the Contact Us page.

Q. Can multiple Services be added to an employee’s account?

A. New Services can be added to the company account via the Dashboard under Registered Services. Once a Service is added and credits purchased, the Service can be added to an employee’s account. Adding a Service to an employee’s account is done via Add/View Employee section. Click add Service and select the Service from the dropdown box. Company employees have multiple services.

Q. Employee is Activated, why can’t they be seen online?

A. There are two possible causes for this, either the relevant Service is out of credit or the employee is offline. The employee will need to sign into Requesta and click “online” under the Registered Services section on their Dashboard. Click here to register your company


Q. Must I be 18 years or older to use Requesta?

A. Yes you need to be 18 years of age to legally enter into any contract.

Q. Does it cost anything to use Requesta?

A. There are no charges for using Requesta as a customer. Register as a customer and then simply sign in whenever you need a local Service Provider.

Q. How do I pay for services I receive?

A. The timing and method of payment is a matter for the Service Provider and you. Service Providers will have different Terms of Trade regarding payment. If the Service Provider has a FULL Stripe account, you will be able to pay the Service Provider by using the STRIPE payment gateway. When the job is completed an invoice can been generated. This is done on the Service Provider’s Smartphone. Then the Stripe payment option is offered, if this is selected the Service Provider will hand you their smartphone for you to privately enter your credit card details, confirm amount and tap to make payment. Once you have completed the payment transaction your card details will not be visible, you can then hand the smartphone back to the Service Provider. Receipts are emailed in the form of a PAID invoice. Note, as with all credit card transactions there will be a small surcharge. Click here to make a booking. 

Q. What is Stripe?

A. Stripe is a payment gateway like PayPal. Requesta uses Stripe because it is internationally trusted, provides fast processing and is business friendly. Click here for more information